Using GRE Glossaries to Write My First Rap

I have determined to take GRE in two months. For the last week, I have been learning new GRE words as it is my full-time job (Well, way more than full-time). Moreover, I stumbled upon a number of words that have similar postfix and word structure.

Besides the GRE glossaries, I have been listening to Eminem’s songs while I do quotidian running (Amazing performce on the Oscar, by the way). I organized those similar words on a sheet. Plus some beats that are borrowed from Eminem’s songs. All these ingredients are then combined together to produce my very first rap:

(The rap is elongated/prolonged/extended on Feb 17th, while I settlted the theme to be an “elevating music” rather than “elevator music”.)


Heyyyyyy, y' know,
preparing the test makes me a RAPPER, who wears mottled goggle.
Com' on, stop shuffle and hobble, shuttle here and settle.
Let's gabble, not babble.

First make some waffle, have some noodle and scribble some doodles. 
(Then sit on the saddle.)
Don't boggle anymore. Mom will quibble, peers will giggle.
You don't wanna dillydally all day long, yo,
I mean, stay away from piddling, fiddling, diddling or dawdling.
Those gonna cripple you. EN-FEE-BLE you!

Wha(t)? You say this baffles ya? (Too many new jargons?)
Feel befuddled? bemuddled? bepuzzled?
Relax, we got more.

You wobbled to the college, and stippled your brittle dreams.
(Now what?)
Every day, you're niggling at stats; whittling daily costs.
Every term, you're squabbling over labs; tussling for mundane jobs.
Now Howard is dribbling, while coward is wabbling.
Damn. Roger is even smuggling weed, and girl is snuggling him.

Mi amigo, if you tumble,
you better swaddle yourself and snuffle in your tiny room. (Ha Ha)

Don't you ever straggle! Otherwise you will struggle!
Quit gobble, stop guttle, drop your guzzle.
You've dabbled in so many areas in undergrad,
Now you gotta peddle yourself to the goddamn postgrad.
"Stop coddle me, meddle me, nettle me; please mettle me!"

Shhh, muffle. Now go back to study.
Wait, work harder,
so (one day) I can hear a ripple of clappers.
And see your dimples.
  • If the rap (GRE-RAPPER) inspires you, please credit to PWYQ.
  • Commercial Use Prohibited for the rap.

I portend/forecast/foreshadow/foreknowledge/forebode/anticipate/foresee/prefigure/predict/bode/betoken/adumbrate/presage/prognosticate you probably do not recognize all the words in the above rap. I therefore prepare the explanations to those GRE words.

# 1st snippet
goggle      special eyeglasses that fit close to your face and that are worn to protect your eyes
shuffle     walk without lifting feet
hobble      to slow the movement, progress, or action of (someone or something)
gabble      to talk quickly and in a way that is difficult to understand
babble      to talk foolishly or too much

# 2nd snippet
boggle      hesitate; to be amazed or overwhelmed
giggle      to laugh (in a nervous or childlike way)
dillydally  to waste time
piddle      to waste (something, such as time, money, an opportunity, etc.)
diddle      to spend time doing something or handling something in an aimless way
dawdle      to move or act too slowly
enfeeble    = weaken

# Last 2 snippets
gobble      to swallow or eat (something) quickly
guttle      = gobble
guzzle      to drink (something, such as beer or liquor) quickly or in large amounts; liquor
dabble      to take part in an activity in a way that is not serious
peddle      to try to get people to accept or believe (something); to sell
coddle      to treat (someone) with too much care or kindness
meddle      = interfere; to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not wanted
nettle      = irritate; to make (someone) angry
mettle      (n.) courage and spirit
muffle      to make (a sound) quieter
dimple      a small area on a part of a person's body (such as the cheek or chin) that naturally curves in

Ayy, that wraps everything up. Stay stuned for my next song :))